Fence Types & Options To Consider

Whether you own a residential or commercial property in the city and in need of a new fence or need to replace an old fence there are several different options available.

The origin of the word “fence” comes in the XIV Century with the word fens, a short term for defense, protection. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “a structure serving as a barrier, boundary or enclosure, usually made of posts or stakes joined together by boards, wire, or rails. It surrounds, separates, keeps away, it defends.”

“Good fences make good neighbors” Robert Frost, Mending Wall, London, 1914

Colorbond Fencing (Roll-Formed Steel Sheet)

With Colorbond fencing, you get to enjoy the many benefits of Colorbond steel. The durable and versatile material is suitable for both commercial and residential use. A great advantage of choosing Colorbond fencing is that you will never have to deal with a termite problem.

Hardifence Fencing

Hardifence fencing has been a popular choice for property owners in Perth for decades. The various benefits offered by Hardifence makes it suitable for the city’s climate and soil conditions. The material is so durable that it won’t deteriorate under the most extreme conditions.

Aluminum Slat Fence Infills

Aluminum slat fencing is one of the best choices for your residential property. Aluminum slat fences are trendy, stylish, and visually appealing. But the outstanding thing about slat fencing is how the boards can be arranged in several ways to control your privacy.

Tubular Fencing and Gates

Tubular fencing is a great option for securing and adding style to your property. Galvanized tubular fences are specially made to be very tough and long-lasting. The material isn’t susceptible to rust and will remain unaffected by occurrences such as fire outbreaks, floods, and storms.

Pool Fencing

While a pool is a great feature to add to any property, it also poses a significant level of danger. Every year, many pool accidents are reported with a good percentage of them being cases of drowned children. There are several steps you will have to take to secure your pool area but one of the most essential ones is pool fencing. A fence will keep children out and ensure that your pool is compliant with local laws.

Industrial & ​Commercial Fencing

Security fences for your industrial or commercial premises will add value to any, whether industrial or commercial. The installation of security fences will give you full control of the people who come into your business place and the areas they get access to.
Before engaging Fencing Contractors Perth confirms they are equipped with the right tools and safety gear and are registered. They should be able to supply all kinds of special quality fencing materials including Colorbond, Hardifence, aluminum, and tubular fencing.  WA Fencing Solutions can provide expert designs that will also increase the aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial property while offering more privacy and security.

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Are Fences Worth It?

Having fences for our house is essential, but are they worth it?

There are many reasons why you should put a fence on your property. It could be for safety, security, or aesthetics. If you are currently trying to decide whether to install a fence on your property, it’s best to know first if they are worth having.

So, let’s start by assessing the benefits you can get from installing a fence.

The Benefits of Installing Fences

Having a fence comes with many benefits. You can feel safe, secured, and mostly relaxed within the comforts of your home. 

But what are these benefits? Are they worth your investment? Discover the essential perks that you can get in installing a fence below.

  • Safety

One of the benefits of installing a fence is safety. If you have pets or children who love to wander around, you can keep them safe by having a fence. Fencing provides a boundary on where they can only go and roam. Thus, they can’t go somewhere dangerous. 

If your home has a nearby street, pond, or lake, a fence can restrict your child or pet from going outside without your knowledge. As a result, you prevent any possible dangers or accidents from happening to them when they decide to run off.

  • Security

Another benefit you can get from having a fence is security. With your backyard fence, you can prevent strangers from entering your house conveniently. Fencing your home can also prevent animals from invading your lovely garden. 

Overall, installing a backyard fence can ward off all the uninvited guests and protect your home, children, and pets from possible danger.

  • Privacy

With a fence, you can experience the privacy you need when you’re in your outdoor space. You can enjoy high privacy in your pool area or yard. You don’t have to worry about people snooping around or eavesdropping. Thus, you can relax and do what you want without worrying about anyone seeing you.

  • Curb Appeal

Most homeowners installed fences for practical reasons. Nonetheless, practicality doesn’t mean your yard fence has to be a boring one. Thanks to the new technology, you can now opt for different fencing types and materials that can practically last for a long time.

Additionally, you can opt for your preferred color, material, shape, and style. One notable aspect of having a fence is its capability of increasing the curb appeal of your home and increasing your home value in the process.

  • Establishing Boundaries

Another good thing about having a fence is setting up a boundary of your property. There could be times when a person suddenly goes into your area, not knowing that it’s part of your property. Having a fence will help create healthy boundaries between properties.

  • Covering Undesired Views

When you set up a privacy fence for your home, you will be blocking the undesirable views outside your property. The privacy fence could also conceal your property’s view from your snooping neighbors. 


Considering the positive things you can get from installing a fence, fences are definitely worth having! It can save you from unwanted guests, gives you the privacy you need, and increases the value of your home. 
Finally, if you love to install a new fence for your home, make sure to contact Lubbock Fence Company. They have affordable, high-quality fences that will surely fit your taste, style, and budget. Check them out today!

Shopping for Concrete Garden Furniture

Do You Need Concrete Garden Furniture

Furniture is a necessary part of the home. Without it, there is always some sense of incompleteness in the air. 

In a bid to get the best of their home and offices, people often use diverse furniture. And one of the many various pieces of furniture around today is concrete furniture.

Concrete furniture has come a long way to be preferred by many homeowners. As a homeowner, whether you deploy concrete furniture for indoor or outdoor use, they fit perfectly.

This beautiful style of adding beauty to your home has left people wanting to shop for concrete furniture. If you are one of those, hang in here. There are things you need to do. 

Things To do When Shopping For Concrete Garden Furniture

If you have made up your mind to shop for that beautiful concrete furniture, here is what you should do.

Search Online: This is a world of the internet; there is almost nothing you want that is not online. Before you shop for your concrete furniture, endeavor to browse websites of popular brands. You can search on Amazon and other sale websites. Doing this would allow you to compare prices and designs. With this, you can make up your mind on the best concrete furniture you want.

Go For Convenience: What should be your paramount concern when shopping for concrete furniture is convenience. Of course, you should select beautiful furniture; you should also ensure that you check how convenient it would be to access and manage it.

Consider Return Policy: Many brands out there offer return policies for their products, but the policies are not the same. Some are reasonable, while others are just not what you want. To avoid the stress of arguing over the phone with the sales manager on the brand’s return policy, check before you check out. And, as always, go for the brand with a reasonable return policy.

Consider Review: Reviews are feedback from previous buyers. Reading through them would give you an insight into the product’s quality and the company’s operation.

Maintaining Concrete Garden Furniture

The first and easier step is buying, but you’ve to learn the difficult part, which is the basics of managing concrete furniture. 

Double Check Quality: One easy way to manage concrete furniture is to know its quality. This would allow you to know how to handle it. For a start, you should check whether it is resistant to water. You can also browse the general qualities of the furniture and ask the seller if yours possesses them.

Watch What You Do On Its Surface: Even though they come in concrete, your concrete furniture is still fragile. You can’t do everything on it, and you should avoid doing damaging things on it. One thing you should avoid is climbing the surface or placing a heavy object on it. It is also good to not put hot things on it. This can cause surface discoloration.

Avoid Acidic Chemicals: An easy way to discolor your concrete furniture is to let it come in contact with liquid or powder with high acidic content. You don’t want this for your furniture. So, the best way is to avoid acidic content on the furniture’s surface. 

Clean Regularly: Cleaning your concrete regularly will help it shine always. Make use of your regular cleaning material. 


What you need to beautify your home or offices is concrete furniture. You should go for it. But remember to abide by what you have read here. It will guide you to get the best. For more concrete questions contact San Antonio Concrete Contractors.

Refreshing Decorative Fencing Ideas

There is beauty in every garden. It can be a natural getaway from the daily grind for any family member or homeowner. Sometimes though, keeping up your garden can become deterred by pesky animals or unaware neighbors walking through by accident. That’s where fencing can bring protection to your beautiful garden. 

Fences do not just have to be for safety though, especially when what they are protecting is so beautiful in it itself. Decorative fencing can both bring you peace of mind and add to your garden’s serene ambiance. 

Today, there are several decorative fence designs, and three, in particular, have caught on in popularity for their eye-pleasing factors.

Wood and Metal Combinations

Wood and metal combination fencing can be a stunning addition to any property or garden. They provide excellent protection and give full privacy with slat-on-slat construction. They can also bring in the view of your lovely neighborhood from your home or garden, as well, with spaced slats. Both fit a purpose and both can be very pleasing to the eye. Either way, these designs can last decades with very little maintenance. Metal posts or panel edges will help withstand most weather conditions or external impacts. Wooden panels and slats can add a natural look to your garden’s perimeter. Different types of wood can last longer naturally than others but all can be varnished to the color of your choice and sealed to outlast their natural age.

Decorative Wrought-Iron 

Wrought-iron fencing has been around for ages and still brings high appeal and praise to a garden. If you are having trouble with larger animals, rod iron fencing can help keep your veggies in the ground and out of their mouths. The elegance of wrought-iron designs is vast and custom manufacturing can add a new look to a classic approach to fencing. This style can bring your property a timeless, rustic 18th-century charm. Spiral wrought-iron designs can give your garden a graceful flair that will have your neighbors in awe. Standard wrought-iron spiking with arrow tips can also give a classic feel to your backyard oasis

Modern Horizontal Aluminum 

Modern horizontal aluminum fencing has been growing in popularity in the past decade like wildfire. This design type is both practical and beautiful. Aluminum can last multiple decades with very little upkeep, due to its non-corrosive nature with very little fading over time. With a plethora of modern design options, from very thin and long slats to wide and thick panels, horizontal aluminum varieties can bring in a forward-looking feel to not just your garden but your entire property. Just because you want a modern-looking garden fence, does not mean you need to renovate and modernize your entire home or property. In fact, it is quite striking to see a home with a colonial or contemporary style with modern accents. This mix of styles is unique and can quickly enhance the aesthetic of your property surrounding your garden. 


No matter what style of decorative fence you choose, your home and garden will thank you for the update in curb appeal and security.

Tips for Painting Your Home’s Exterior To Improve Your Garden Aesthetic

A home or commercial building’s freshly painted bricks, shutters, and front door help it stand out. It can also really help to compliment your garden.

Most homeowners turn to professional painters when updating their home’s exterior. However, with the right know-how and proper equipment, painting your home is easy and, let us face it, more affordable.  However, the scale of the job may see you want to have a professional do the work as they have all the right equipment to do the job.

Homeowners who want to ‘DIY’ the job should consider these tips.

When you are painting a home, not just any paint will do. Check the label —paint and primer combination may not work well because it is formulated only for interior surfaces.

1. Consider the Type of Paint

Painting your home requires paint that is thick and durable. So, you should choose between the two types of paint used for exterior surfaces: latex and oil-based paint.

These paints are water-resistant, long-lasting, and are a great way to guarantee the house’s exterior stays fresh for many years to come.  Be sure to ask Painting Services Perth about Eco-Paint options.

Expect latex paint to dry quickly, be applied easily, and resist direct sunlight and age. Acrylic latex is higher-quality latex paint.

Each paint product’s instructions vary, so check the label for information on the application and special considerations.

Before you can purchase paint, you need to measure your home’s square footage/meterage with a tape measure.

2. Measure the Square Footage/Meterage

Painting the outside of a home requires far more paint than is needed to cover the walls of a single room in the house. For this reason, you need to measure the house before buying the paint. You can determine the home’s area by multiplying its width by its height. Measurements of the doors and windows will not need to be subtracted as this will leave room for leftover paint.  Leftover paint can be used to cover the railing, steps, porches, and similar elements that aren’t included in the initial calculations.  It can also be useful to hang onto the extra paint for touch-ups after the painting job is done.

3. Choose Your Colors

Most homeowners have free reign when it comes to choosing their paint colors. However, those who belong to a homeowners association must double-check the rules to determine if there are specific colors they have to use when painting the home. You also want to make sure it will complement the vibrant colors in your garden.

If this is not the case, consider using a fresh coat of your home’s current color, or choose something different and new. While neutral colors are generally recommended, a primary color with a deeper greyscale value can match any home while giving a certain flair.

If you have a one-story home, you do not need much equipment to paint a house. Just a sprayer and something to stand on!

4. Pick the Right Equipment

While choosing the right equipment for the job can seem intimidating, just consider the home’s size and take it from there.

For small, one-story homes, you may just need a paint sprayer to cut back painting time. For larger homes, you may need to rent an aerial lift. Boom lifts make it easier to reach every nook and cranny of the house. Your home may not need the expertise of a professional paint crew for it to look like it was professionally painted and flow well with your exotic garden colors.

Contact Painting Services Perth

Painting Services Perth offer commercial and residential painting services throughout the Perth metro areas. We can assist with color selections, paint types, and application choices. Perth Painting Services  We can also provide commercial and industrial-scale painting services.

How To Prepare Garden Furniture For Painting And Decorating

The most important part when painting and decorating your garden furniture (e.g., sheds, fences, decking, summerhouse, etc.) is the preparation. To achieve the outstanding finish that is desired the planning and preparation need to be carried out correctly. Indeed, professional painters and decorators estimate that 70% of the completed finish is based on the preparation. By preparing a wooden surface correctly before painting, you are likely to save yourself future time, money, and effort.

Before commencing any painting, ensure your work area is clear. This will stop paint from splattering on any other furniture and patio areas. It also gives you more freedom to move around and space to place tools, materials, and equipment. Place dust sheets around your work area to catch paint spillages.

Preparing the Wood

To prepare the wood for the new coat of paint, first, clean the surface. For old wooden surfaces, a trisodium phosphate (TSP) and bleach solution are ideal. The solution will clean and remove the previous gloss paint coats allowing for a good surface adhesion when the new paint is applied. For new wooden surfaces wipe down with soapy water and a sponge until the work area is free from dirt and grime. Failure to remove dirt marks will result in stains showing through the final finish.

Touch Ups

The next step is to fill any holes or cracks in the wood with wood filler. There are several wood fillers on the market. Make sure you choose a compound that is suitable for exterior woodwork. Clear any flaky bits of wood or debris from any dents and lightly dampen. The importance of this step should not be underestimated as it allows a firm bond to form and stops the filler from drying out too quickly. Be sure to check for any signs of dry or wet rot. Spread the compound with a knife or scraper, make sure the filler is pressed securely into any holes, dents, and cracks. Allow the filler to dry and set.

Before painting the wooden surface, sand all areas and edges to a smooth finish. The act of sanding allows the wood grain to “open “giving an improved bond between the paint and wood. After sanding, any dust should be cleaned up and the wood lightly cleaned with a damp cloth.  This will prevent any debris from ruining the bond and final finish.


Priming the wood before applying the top coat of paint is an essential step. Particularly if the wood is new and bare. Priming helps to create a uniform and smooth final finish to the topcoat. By priming the workspace, you can prevent any imperfections or stains from showing in the finish. It also gives the final coat of paint improved adhesive qualities by ensuring it is not directly absorbed into the wooden structure. For outdoor wood, a latex-based primer is highly recommended. Once you have completed the stages outlined above, you should be ready to apply the final coat of paint. 

To achieve a first-class finish, we always recommend calling in expert painters and decorators as this can you save you a lot of time, effort, and guesswork. In the long term, it may also help to save money for maintaining or replacing your garden furniture. 

Different Fences for Your Garden

Protecting Your Garden

Building a garden is a lot of work for everyone. But, in today’s America, you need to have one. The beauty gardens add to your home, and the environment is beyond measure.

This has led many people to spend a great deal of time and resources, creating a great garden. Due to what they have spent, they want to earnestly protect their garden. They also want to prevent the plants and beautiful scenes from trespassers. 

This is one of the best things to do. Protecting your garden saves you a lot of stress. The best way to protect your garden seems to be through fencing.

However, the diversity out there has led you to wonder what the best fence for your garden is. Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Below, you will find the different types of fences for your garden.

Types of Fences 

Aluminum Fencing: Aluminum fencing is one thing you can adopt for your garden. On the great side, its maintenance is very cost-efficient. Aside from what you will spend when installing the fence, you may not spend any more money.

On the low side, however, its defense reliance is not very strong. This means that you may not entirely trust it to provide the level of security you need for your beautiful garden. Besides this, aluminum fencing is a great choice for your garden.

Wood Fencing: Based on popularity, wood fencing is topping the list of garden fences in America. The reason for this is because of the beauty it adds to your garden. It also affords you the security your garden needs. One advantage of wood fencing is its longevity. Many Americans have reported that it lasts for a long time, mostly through your home’s lifetime.  

In going for wood fencing, you should find out about the wood’s type and quality. This would help you determine what to pay and how to beautify it.

PVC Fencing: If you think the Aluminum fencing is affordable, you have not heard of PVC Fencing. This type is the cheapest fencing type out there. Despite its affordability, it still functions for its purpose. Many Americans have reported that the PVC fencing will be a good replacement for your wood. It is easy to install, and it has a high resistant level.

Vinyl Fencing: This is one of the elite’s fencing out there. The beauty added to your garden is just beyond awe. Aside from this, it offers great security to your beautiful garden. 

Another advantage of Vinyl fencing is its resistance level. For emphasis, paint, stains got nothing on it. Once you spray with soap and rinse with water, it looks new again.

However, it costs higher than many garden fences you will find in America today. Its cost of installation is also high. But, what you seem to pay in cost, you gain in the beauty and superb security it adds to your garden. 

Electric Fencing: This is another fencing type for your garden. You may not see it, but it is there. This is the reason people call it the invisible fence. In many homes, the electric fencing is always around the garden, but the purpose is for pets’ protection. 

It gives out a warning for an approaching pet, and if it doesn’t desist, it shocks it when crossing the invisible fence.


You have spent a lot on your garden, so you cannot afford not to protect it. You have seen how to do so above. The ball is now in your court to make a choice.

How to Create the Best Garden on the Block

Having A Beautiful Garden 

In today’s America, a beautiful garden equals a beautiful home. 

The aura that comes with having one of the best gardens in your neighborhood is just indescribable. With a beautiful garden, you get the opportunity to have a nice family and fun time. Even passersby get to appreciate the beauty of your home every time. 

Without a doubt, this is what you want for your home. You want to create the best garden on the Block, but you don’t know how to go about it.

Well, worry no more. In this post, you will learn the hacks for creating the best garden on the Block.

Steps To Creating The Best Garden On The Block

You are ready to burst into creating the best garden for yourself but relax; you have to know something.

Creating a garden is not a plaything. You would have to devote some of your time to create and maintain it. Gardening is more about maintaining than creating. Nonetheless, below, you have some comparatively easy task that will give you the best result. 

Get The Right Plant For The Right Place: In creating gardens, one of the mistakes people frequently make is to plant whatever they have wherever they like. This is why not long after, the garden becomes nothing to write home about.

To avoid this playing out, you have to study your soil and know what plants would grow there very well. You should study the environmental conditions of your home too. All these would allow you to get everything right and boost your garden growth.

Nourish Your Soil: like humans that sustain their survival on the fullness of their stomachs, plants also rely on the soil to grow. This means that if your soil is poor, your garden is doomed to fail. To avoid this, you have to consciously nourish your soil. You should go natural in nourishing your soil. This would automatically boost your plants’ growth. And before you know what’s happening, your garden has become the talk of the town. 

Plan Your Plants: You know that the goal is to create the best garden on the Block, so you have to get things right. You don’t want to have a haphazardly planted garden. Properly planning your garden will give it a great boost.

Properly Water Your Plants: You may think you already know this, but this is one thing that frequently kills people’s dream of having the best garden.  At all times, you need to get the proper water quantity for your garden. Don’t overwater it, neither should you underwater the garden. 

Get It Right With Your Lawn: Lawn has a superb way of adding to the beauties of your garden. This means you have to focus on it too. Always do your lawn and keep it low. Keep it green too. 

Add Some Trees: Trees do a lot to add to the beauty of your home. Adding a few to your garden will make it stand out. They also help to create beautiful shades. However, just like you planned your planting, you have to plant the trees at strategic places.

Add A Relaxation Sanctuary: What’s a garden without beautiful places to relax? The important thing is about getting it right with your relaxation sanctuary too. Hence, you must take all steps to add superb furniture in the garden

Create Beautiful Paving And Walkway: Access is an important thing in creating a garden. To get the best garden, you will need to plan the pavings and walkway with dexterity. 

Add Ornaments And Lights: Gardens are naturally beautiful, but you can enhance this beauty with ornaments and lights. Light is particularly important. This would bring out the beauty of your garden at night.


Part of going green is having a nice garden in your home. Everyone loves the idea of a garden, but what sets you out is having the best garden in your Block. This looks like a difficult task, but if you follow the hacks you’ve read and you’re persistent, you will achieve it. 

Should You Use Concrete for Your Garden?

The idea of concrete as a material fit for use everywhere was born due to its qualities. It is a building material that appears capable of withstanding any environmental condition and fitting perfectly into any landscape. Maybe this is why some have also considered whether it is possible to use it  in gardens and if it is possible, is it advisable? Here, we answer the question and examine the possible applications of concrete in your garden.

Using Concrete in the Garden

On the question of whether concrete should be used in the garden. The simple answer is Yes. The material’s qualities make it a perfect building material, and if there is any construction you need to do in your garden, you should consider using concrete. Here is why:

Flexibility: Concrete is a malleable material that can be molded into anything while it is still wet. This makes it effective to use for any form of design you want in your garden.

Affordability: The material is also cost-effective. It is cheap to purchase and install, and you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance because it requires little maintenance.

Variety: Concrete offers different colors and patterns when it comes to decorations. If you plan to use it to decorate your garden and match the plants and flowers, you are towing the right part.

Can Use Concrete in Your Garden

Concrete can be used for making different things that will improve the overall outlook of your garden. Beyond the fact that you can use it for basic constructions such as pathways and garden benches, you can also use it for more unique functions. These includes

Concrete Spheres: Delicate spheres can be made out of concrete and adorned with light that will add an ambiance to your garden at night. All you need is to properly rub Vaseline around a ball and mold concrete around it. Of course, you have to leave an opening. Once the concrete has dried, you should deflate the ball and remove it. These spheres can be painted or left bare and can be used to decorate your garden.

Sculpture: A sculpture can highlight your garden and add an artistic touch that complements the natural environment. You can easily use concrete to make any structure you have in mind, from the complex to the simple ones.

Plants and Flower Pots: Concrete is a durable material, and you can use it to create draped or bare concrete flower pots in your garden. If you are creating a draped pot, you will need fabric. But the most important thing you need is concrete and a bucket that will be the mold. After it dries up, you can pour soil into it and plant whichever flower or succulents you have in mind. You can even use it for small trees.

Raised Bed: Do you want to elevate the level of your flower bed and create a focal point in your garden? You can easily do it with concrete. Whether it is a bed or a planter, all you have to do is plan the layout and design accordingly.


Concrete can be used for many purposes in your garden, and its resilience, even against environmental elements, makes it perfect.

Most Unique Ways to Use Metal in Your Garden

Gardens are wonderful, and having one in your home is a good thing. This is one place you will find yourself using a lot, especially during the warm season. Given its importance, you should make it as beautiful and comfortable as possible. While you can generally use flowers, plants, wood, stones, etc., to create your choice landscape, there is one other material that you can use as well. This is metal. Metals have a special way of adding beauty to any outdoor space, especially with their rusted brown color. All that is required of you is some creativity, and you can combine it with other materials to create stunning contrast. Here are a few of the unique ways you can use metal to beautify your garden.

Add Wagon Wheel to A Rock Wall:

You can give your garden the vibe of a rustic French garden by erecting a rock wall and inserting a wagon wheel right into it. It is an amazing way to barricade your garden from loiterers while still giving passersby a sufficient view of the beauty within.

Metal Windchime:

You can make an amazing rustic wind chime for your garden using any rusted metal chain. Instead of throwing away the spoilt chain on your bicycle, repurpose it for better use. All you need is a chain with some wood or metal to create the frame that will hold your windchime. You can shape the windchime like a horseshoe, heart, monogram, or anything you have in mind.

Metal Bucket Planter:

Do you have metal buckets that are no longer good for fetching water? You can put them to better use by using them as planters. It is even better if the buckets are rusty, so you don’t have to paint them brown. You can place them on the ground or hang the buckets and add your favorite plants or flowers.

Cylinder Fence:

You can use metal pipes or cylinders to create this amazing fence. All you have to do is lay the pipes or cylinders on top of one another. It is even more charming when you have the cylinders or pipes in different sizes, and you can use it as the focal point for your garden.

Flower Pot:

You can convert your rusted washers to flower pots. All you have to do is add soil and the flower you want and you are good to go. However, you may choose to buy metal washers designed specifically for that purpose and save yourself the stress of doing it yourself.

Metal Disk Tree:

You can create a tree using rusted disks such as brakes and other metal items that are circular. You only have to stack them above one another, glue them, or weld them together. If you have metal disks of various sizes, you can create a nice-looking tree. If you want to create a Christmas tree, start the base with larger disks and use the smaller ones at the top.


There are many other unique designs and decorations that you can do with metals in your garden. The most important thing is to be creative and willing to try out new things. Rusted metals are the best to use because their appearance fits well with the natural state of the garden.