Refreshing Decorative Fencing Ideas

There is beauty in every garden. It can be a natural getaway from the daily grind for any family member or homeowner. Sometimes though, keeping up your garden can become deterred by pesky animals or unaware neighbors walking through by accident. That’s where fencing can bring protection to your beautiful garden. 

Fences do not just have to be for safety though, especially when what they are protecting is so beautiful in it itself. Decorative fencing can both bring you peace of mind and add to your garden’s serene ambiance. 

Today, there are several decorative fence designs, and three, in particular, have caught on in popularity for their eye-pleasing factors.

Wood and Metal Combinations

Wood and metal combination fencing can be a stunning addition to any property or garden. They provide excellent protection and give full privacy with slat-on-slat construction. They can also bring in the view of your lovely neighborhood from your home or garden, as well, with spaced slats. Both fit a purpose and both can be very pleasing to the eye. Either way, these designs can last decades with very little maintenance. Metal posts or panel edges will help withstand most weather conditions or external impacts. Wooden panels and slats can add a natural look to your garden’s perimeter. Different types of wood can last longer naturally than others but all can be varnished to the color of your choice and sealed to outlast their natural age.

Decorative Wrought-Iron 

Wrought-iron fencing has been around for ages and still brings high appeal and praise to a garden. If you are having trouble with larger animals, rod iron fencing can help keep your veggies in the ground and out of their mouths. The elegance of wrought-iron designs is vast and custom manufacturing can add a new look to a classic approach to fencing. This style can bring your property a timeless, rustic 18th-century charm. Spiral wrought-iron designs can give your garden a graceful flair that will have your neighbors in awe. Standard wrought-iron spiking with arrow tips can also give a classic feel to your backyard oasis

Modern Horizontal Aluminum 

Modern horizontal aluminum fencing has been growing in popularity in the past decade like wildfire. This design type is both practical and beautiful. Aluminum can last multiple decades with very little upkeep, due to its non-corrosive nature with very little fading over time. With a plethora of modern design options, from very thin and long slats to wide and thick panels, horizontal aluminum varieties can bring in a forward-looking feel to not just your garden but your entire property. Just because you want a modern-looking garden fence, does not mean you need to renovate and modernize your entire home or property. In fact, it is quite striking to see a home with a colonial or contemporary style with modern accents. This mix of styles is unique and can quickly enhance the aesthetic of your property surrounding your garden. 


No matter what style of decorative fence you choose, your home and garden will thank you for the update in curb appeal and security.

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