Most Unique Ways to Use Metal in Your Garden

Gardens are wonderful, and having one in your home is a good thing. This is one place you will find yourself using a lot, especially during the warm season. Given its importance, you should make it as beautiful and comfortable as possible. While you can generally use flowers, plants, wood, stones, etc., to create your choice landscape, there is one other material that you can use as well. This is metal. Metals have a special way of adding beauty to any outdoor space, especially with their rusted brown color. All that is required of you is some creativity, and you can combine it with other materials to create stunning contrast. Here are a few of the unique ways you can use metal to beautify your garden.

Add Wagon Wheel to A Rock Wall:

You can give your garden the vibe of a rustic French garden by erecting a rock wall and inserting a wagon wheel right into it. It is an amazing way to barricade your garden from loiterers while still giving passersby a sufficient view of the beauty within.

Metal Windchime:

You can make an amazing rustic wind chime for your garden using any rusted metal chain. Instead of throwing away the spoilt chain on your bicycle, repurpose it for better use. All you need is a chain with some wood or metal to create the frame that will hold your windchime. You can shape the windchime like a horseshoe, heart, monogram, or anything you have in mind.

Metal Bucket Planter:

Do you have metal buckets that are no longer good for fetching water? You can put them to better use by using them as planters. It is even better if the buckets are rusty, so you don’t have to paint them brown. You can place them on the ground or hang the buckets and add your favorite plants or flowers.

Cylinder Fence:

You can use metal pipes or cylinders to create this amazing fence. All you have to do is lay the pipes or cylinders on top of one another. It is even more charming when you have the cylinders or pipes in different sizes, and you can use it as the focal point for your garden.

Flower Pot:

You can convert your rusted washers to flower pots. All you have to do is add soil and the flower you want and you are good to go. However, you may choose to buy metal washers designed specifically for that purpose and save yourself the stress of doing it yourself.

Metal Disk Tree:

You can create a tree using rusted disks such as brakes and other metal items that are circular. You only have to stack them above one another, glue them, or weld them together. If you have metal disks of various sizes, you can create a nice-looking tree. If you want to create a Christmas tree, start the base with larger disks and use the smaller ones at the top.


There are many other unique designs and decorations that you can do with metals in your garden. The most important thing is to be creative and willing to try out new things. Rusted metals are the best to use because their appearance fits well with the natural state of the garden.

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